For over 25 years, we’ve been providing our clients with highly effective services, which range from Human Resources Consulting, Health and Safety/EDI Strategy and Policy Development, Culture Assessments, Project and Change Management, Leadership Coaching, Whistleblower Protection, Bullying & Harassment Investigations, Education and Training on topics such as respectful workplace - Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict Resolution/Management and Skills Development, to Intervention Services, in addition to Individual Support and Psychotherapy.

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Consulting & Counselling

From management to staff and families to the individual - our trained consultants and clinical counsellors are there to constructively support you through the most challenging moments of your working and personal life.

Education & Training

Incorporating dynamic and engaging teaching into each presentation, we ensure your group learns what it needs to and enjoys getting there.

Facilitation & Conflict Resolution

If you want to achieve cohesion on the toughest of problems and realize collective understanding, we are the team for you.


Safe Reporting

Any organization looking to manage risk, establish trust, and ensure integrity will benefit from our safe reporting services. Stop problems when they start before cost and reputation become a risk.

Workplace Investigations

For organizations needing unbiased and thorough assessments of staff or a team, we provied an expert lens on routing the source of concern and recommending the solutions to change for the better.

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Adam Rollins (he/him)

Clinical Counsellor & Consultant

Anna Richards (she/her)

Clinical Counsellor & Consultant

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