Finding the right help at the right time can be challenging, and we understand that situations are constantly evolving. Our team comprises expert consultants, coaches and clinical counsellors with years of experience, compassion and integrity.

Together, we’ve been providing services to individuals, families, communities and organizations for over 25-years. We facilitate success through supporting self-development, interpersonal relationships and organizational initiatives. As experts in our fields, we solve complex problems by delivering affordable and effective services when and where you need them.

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Workplace Coaching & Consulting

Whether you’re needing a new strategic plan, want to ensure a successful workplace change or need to address team conflict, harassment complaints, a struggling leader, or resistance to change, our team of experts have the skills you need to build a healthy workplace.


Our Registered Clinical Counsellors have training and experience with a variety of counselling approaches and theories. They work in a supportive, collaborative and strategic way to help clients implement coping strategies, make realistic changes and enhance relationships.

Education & Training

Our education and training programs balance research-based evidence with highly interactive and practical instruction in a multi-media format including presentation, video, case study and practice. Audiences consistently describe our programs as engaging, informative and effective at building insight, motivation and skills.

Team Building & HR Support

Whether a leader needs a guide on the side, a “diamond in the rough” needs polish, a bully needs rehabilitation or someone needs feedback and support to grow and improve, our coaches and facilitators have the tools and training to create positive and lasting impact.

Meet the Team

Adam Rollins (he/him)

VP, Clinical Counsellor & Consultant

Anna Richards (she/her)

VP, Registered Counsellor & Conflict Coach

Katya Wilson (she/her)

Director, Senior Consultant

Larry Axelrod (he/him)

President, Senior Consultant

Roy Johnson (he/him)

Director, Senior Consultant

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