‘Questionable’ ways to build better relationships at work

Clients are constantly asking us, “How can I get my employees to work better together?” That’s a big question and the answer can come from just that, by training them in the art of asking big questions that fuel connection along with training in the art of how to listen. However, for a lot of […]

Is it time to blow the whistle?

Public trust, client satisfaction and employee confidence aren’t just concerns for the police and public health institutions anymore. Having a fair, safe, confidential and effective complaint resolution process in place is now critical to managing corporate risk, mitigating costly legal challenges and preventing public relations nightmares. Our expert consultants help you provide channels for complaints […]

VIDEO: What to do about unconscious bias in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion are common buzzwords, but what can people and organizations actually do to overcome our unconscious biases? Understanding this is critical for bridging the gap between discrimination or harassment and true respect and inclusivity. Here are some useful tips from TNZ Director and Senior Consultant Roy Johnson. If you feel like bias and […]

Disrespectful workplaces, is it time to investigate?

Are you working in a workplace that lacks respect? Hopefully, you’ve heard about a “Respectful Workplace” Policy.  Every employer in BC was legislated to put a policy in place by WorkSafeBC under the Workers Compensation Act and Regulations. But even with that policy, and even when employees endeavour to live up to the standards and […]

lol? brb? Fyi? Do’s and Don’ts of Emailing Coworkers

With COVID-19 changing how many are now working outside their traditional offices, we rely more and more on technology like online meetings and email to communicate with coworkers. Often, our reliance on these types of tools has highlighted email limitations as a default form of communication. The fact that email is so familiar and easy […]

The Transformative Power of Conflict

In almost every class we teach on Conflict Resolution, we run into many participants who loathe the idea of dealing with interpersonal conflict. Inevitably, the class conversation circles around participants’ fear of conflict, with most disclosing they would rather ignore it, hoping it will just “blow over.” When we ask the class how this strategy […]

Mental Health, Let’s Talk About It

October 10th marks World Mental Health Day. A day to raise awareness, have meaningful dialogue and increase efforts to support our global mental health. While there is a different theme each year, 2020 seems to have brought much to the surface for many people. As we adjust to an ever-changing environment in a climate fraught […]

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