Just a few of our progressive clients:

What our Clients say about our….

…Training Workshops:

“That was by far the best workshop on this subject matter I have ever taken. Completely exceeded my expectations. These ‘sensitivity training’ things often have such a trite, obvious and patronizing tone but not yours! I was surprised by the learning points and your humour, stories and counter-intuitive practical strategies blew me away – I was fully engaged from start to finish. Excellent!”

– “Respect Matters”


“Excellent material delivered in an informative and entertaining manner. Look forward to continuing to work with The Neutral Zone in the future for relationship building and communication workshops.”

– Debbie Neergard
Director HR
Western Diversification Canada


“Your knowledge and ability to share it in such a practical and understandable way was so beneficial. The presentation on culture change was greatly appreciated by our staff and managers, and has left a good framework for more discussion and planning.”

– Jeanette Thompson
Executive Director
Broadway Lodge


“Adapting the workshop to our employees’ needs to engage them, answering tough questions and providing meaningful examples, and providing feedback on employees’ perceptions of work at our organization were all most useful.”

– Margaret Ostrom
Director, HR
Wallenius Wilhemsen Logistics International


“An excellent, organized and knowledgeable day”

– Martha Cloutier
Director Emergency Services
Fraser Health


“Fantastic. We have had excellent feedback. You created an opportunity for staff to learn and ask questions, and the dialogue has continued since. We’ll have you back!”

– Jane Krindle
Human Resources
Bell Media


“We will be using The Neutral Zone for future executive coaching and workshop facilitation services.”

– Elizabeth Hatton
Executive Director
MPA Society

…Coaching Services:

“I have noticed an immediate enhanced ability to deal with stressors that were starting to become detrimental to my work. I now appreciate how I was coming across, the bridges I’ve burned, and am excited to get back out there to build new bridges. I’ve changed for good!”

– anonymous executive coaching client


“Found it most useful to clarify the process to engage in to achieve a different outcome.”

– Mark Rayter, Director Community
Vancouver Coastal Health


“This situation involved a few challenging personalities. I can definitely see a difference in their approaches after just a couple of coaching sessions. There is a real attempt to change the way they communicate and a greater awareness of impacts.”

– Marg Fraser
Director Langley Memorial Hospital
Fraser Health


“Excellent skills at getting the group focused so quickly. Your coaching was most useful and your service is great!”

– Rosemary Best
Manager Mission Hospital
Fraser Health

…Facilitation Services:

“Although many of us had serious misgivings about the entire process at the beginning, we are now fully satisfied with the outcome. We sincerely believe that there is now a lot of goodwill and positive outcomes to show for all of our efforts and credit in large part for this goes to you.”

– Dr. Harvey Liu
Medical Lead
University of British Columbia


“As always your processes are very much appreciated… you always seem to be able to reach a part of me, to be able to understand why people do what they do even if I do not agree with what is being done… you help people understand what is in their control to fix and what isn’t, and how to deal with people when it’s not under their control.”

– Jackie
Health Employee’s Union Representative
BC Women’s Health Centre


“Appreciated the clarity that you brought to the situation and your ability to listen constructively and make concrete suggestions.”

– Joyce Resin
Executive Director
Health Heart Society

“You brought together a group that had lost sight of its purpose. We left our retreat with renewed enthusiasm and understanding of our roles. Well-facilitated, lots of humour, stayed on track and achieved a positive outcome.”

– Patricia Stevens
President’s Office
University of British Columbia


“A tangible outcome that we expect to use consistently. Our primary interests were addressed in a very timely way!”

– Lee Chamberland
Douglas College


“A great way of putting everyone at ease and drawing out participants. Excellent facilitation that was right on point with our needs. You blended humour and patience with outstanding knowledge of subject matter. You are capable of changing long-standing behaviours in others – a major feat! We wouldn’t change a thing.”

– Robert Laing
Chief Executive Officer
BC Real Estate Association

…Keynote Presentations:

“Your presentations were inspiring yet practical and as one of the participants wrote, ‘it was just what we needed right now.’ Your passion for this subject matter transcended your presentation, as did your ability to model the principles you discussed.”

-Jo Clark
OT Practice Director, Vancouver Hospital
Vancouver Coastal Health


“Easy-going yet knowledgeable approach. Very funny and good listening skills. The staff raved about the session and how helpful it was.”

-Arden Krystal
COO & Executive VP
Provincial Health Services Authority


“You were pitch perfect in your keynote. Many told us how they appreciated your professionalism, energy, humour, intelligence, knowledge, extraordinary skills and ability to synthesize all into a dynamic, relevant and cohesive whole. Thank you!”

– Bev Rogers
Director, HR
Alberta College of Art & Design


“An exceptional presenter with a robust understanding of theory and application. Brilliant!”

– Gord Tulloch
Executive Director, MAPCL

…Mediation Services:

“The Neutral Zone provided enormous support and expertise in resolving conflicts before they got out of control. This is both time and cost saving for all parties.”

– Damian J. Duffy
Education and HR Administrator
BC Children’s Hospital


“You were able to effect a healthy resolution to a very difficult situation. I appreciated the feedback after the session and gained a lot of insight for future use.”

– William Bert
Manager, Burnaby Hospital
Vancouver Coastal Health

“You were amazing. Very skillful, very professional with direct, hands on suggestions. Parties are working so much more effectively now.”

– Ann Silberman
Montessori Daycare Society

“You were understanding of our situation, took in data quickly and helped us separate the issues into workable parts. Very helpful.”

– Glenda Wonnacott
Manager, Fraser Health

“I was initially pessimistic about whether the team could pull together, however I am much more optimistic about us functioning as a team now. I heard very positive comments about your abilities from team members and we now have the tools we need. I am absolutely convinced that the situation would only have worsened if you had not come.”

– Fraser Crinklaw,
Department Head
Kwantlen College

…Investigation Services:

“My experience with the The Neutral Zone consultants is that they are highly skilled in addressing conflict issues with individuals and with groups… They are knowledgeable, they role model advanced communication skills and have excellent facilitator skills. Since the introduction of their services, it has been possible to intervene in situations of conflict earlier than historically occurred and bring resolution informally and confidentially to many complaints. This approach results in fewer formal complaints and a more positive working environment. In the health care environment previously, such conflicts have frequently become acrimonious and not infrequently litigious.”

– Dr. Dorothy Shaw,
Associate Dean, Equity
University of British Columbia


“The service was very professional, prompt and responsive to our needs. I was impressed with the skills and understanding demonstrated in this case. I would highly recommend your services.”

– Anita Braha
HR Director
Vancouver Community College

…Consulting Services:

“Your approach to issues, step-by-step resolution for employees and getting the issue dealt with right away where employees worked to find a solution – all parts of your services are useful.”

– Loretta Young
Director, Ridge Meadows Hospital
Fraser Health


“My interaction with The Neutral Zone has been very helpful. Satisfactory resolution is arrived at as a result of respectful, collegial and educational discussions. The advisors are skilled in conflict resolution and are extremely knowledgeable in relevant statutory obligations, case law and policies.”

– Zoe Towle
Professional Association of Residents of BC


“Clear, specific suggestions and an efficient use of time. Came prepared to the meeting and addressed concerns in a down-to-earth manner.”

– Sondra Breen
Executive Director
Hawthorne Care Centre

Client Surveys tell us:

  • 100% found The Neutral Zone’s consultant knowledgeable, professional and highly skilled
  • 94% observed tangible positive improvements as a direct result of The Neutral Zone’s services
  • 96% of clients characterized our services as “the highest quality”
  • 100% recommend The Neutral Zone to others
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