Leadership Development

Whether a leader needs a guide on the side, a “diamond in the rough” needs polish, a bully needs rehabilitation or someone needs feedback and support to grow and improve, our coaches and facilitators have the tools and training to provide practical tools and facilitate enduring positive changes.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches provide leaders and growing professionals with one-on-one confidential skills development.  A combination of support and instruction, coaching provides practical tools and enduring positive changes.

Coaching begins with a client identifying that they need to cultivate additional support and skills in dealing with professional and personal challenges.  Each session typically is held for just under an hour weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and can be conducted in person at our offices or yours, by telephone or by video-conference.

Two forms of coaching are available: Self-directed where individuals participate to meet their own goals and Organization-directed as in the Professional Development Program described below.

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Professional Development Program

In organization-directed coaching, the participant is requested to participate in coaching when problems with their communication skills, anger management strategies or leadership approach have been identified.  Often, the coaching participant’s initial session is held with the coach and a representative of the organization to identify goals and objectives for both the participant and the organization.

At the conclusion of the coaching, a summary of key learning points may be provided, keeping confidential information shared by the participant private, but clarifying learning objectives that were achieved in writing for both the participant and the organization.

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360 Degree Feedback

Most organizations have discovered the value of providing a process that gives leaders and staff an opportunity to both present feedback on their workplace and received feedback from colleagues, leaders and clients.  However, most of these 360ª feedback tools take a significant amount of co-workers’ and clients’ time, rely on dry survey-based tools that yield sometimes confusing quantitative results and are costly.

The Neutral Zone’s Professional Reflection process goes beyond standard 360ª tools by providing a time- and cost-effective, personal and confidential process involving any or all of the following steps:

  • private and confidential mini-interviews with participants, supplemented by surveys where requested;
  • outcomes of feedback presented in summary report for leaders and subject participant;
  • feedback provided in solution-oriented coaching sessions that not only present data to build insight, but also teach new skills and strategies;
  • formalized commitments for professional improvement where requested.

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Human Resources Department To-Go

So your organization has been growing and now you’re big enough to need extra human resources assistance.  Or perhaps you’re an overworked human resource department that needs extra assistance with high volume or particularly challenging cases.  Either way, our skilled and certified human resource professionals are there for you providing cost-effective, high-quality support to make managing your people issues easier.

Working on a formula of monthly fees based on staff census, or simply on an as-needed basis, our team is more efficient than hiring your own.  You remain in full control and may cancel the contract at any time.

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Critical incident stress services

Critical Incident Stress Services

When a traumatic event like violence in the workplace, the sudden death of a colleague or an unexpected tragedy for any staff member occurs, people directly and indirectly involved are affected.  Reactions range from shock, worry and confusion to severe anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress.  These are all natural reactions to unnatural events but they can quickly disrupt personal and team functioning

Research clearly shows that early therapeutic intervention by qualified professionals has the highest impact on helping people cope and preventing lingering mental health issues. Contact us for a no-obligation confidential consultation about how our certified Critical Incident Stress debriefers can assist you and your team.

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