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We find cost-effective ways to strengthen your organization from within.

Strategic Planning

Organizations should revisit their purpose, mission, and values every five years and plan to address changing trends and current conditions. Beyond standard SWOT analyses, our consultants facilitate dynamic, creative and thorough processes that give all relevant parties a voice in shaping a future together.

We don’t just focus on the end goal of a descriptive and efficient plan. We use the process to build support and buy-in to expand organizational potential and unite team members under a common goal, whether developing a new plan from scratch or just touching up an existing plan to check our progress.

Change Management

Most leaders experience frustration when staff resist organizational changes, even when there are significant improvements. Efficiency, productivity and morale are often threatened during periods of change.

However, specialized techniques and plans for effectively managing change prevent resistance, build buy-in and leverage change to re-energize people. Our consultants are experts in change management, Prosci certified and ready to provide a free consultation to discuss your goals and how to get there.

Project Management

You don’t need project management if:

  • the objectives and goals of your project are obvious
  • the path to success is clear and simple
  • you know who to involve and where to find the expertise
  • you have the time, skills and resources to overcome inevitable challenges and obstacles
  • you’re able to keep to goals, scope, budget, timelines and accountabilities

If you notice that any of the above are lacking, project management will help. More than a spreadsheet and a timeline, effective project management requires expert people skills and specialized techniques to prevent and efficiently address speed bumps to achieving objectives. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation on what our Prosci-certified PMP Project Managers can do for you.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Whether you’re looking for a media expert for an interview or comment, a dynamic keynote or presenter, our award-winning consultants are available to speak on a wide array of topics, including:

  • workplace bullying
  • managing large-scale projects
  • harassment, abuse and violence (family or workplace)
  • dealing effectively with change
  • racial discrimination
  • mental health
  • labour tensions, neighbour relations or community issues

 Contact us to discuss a full range of topics, and we’ll provide options with no obligation.

Education: Professional Training Workshops

Our trainers aren’t just skilled educators. They’re also highly trained experts in their fields with years of “in the trenches” experience who have the adult education training to ensure participants leave with practical skills and tools.

All workshops are learner-centred, use a diverse range of teaching styles to match various learning styles, and employ multimedia presentations to ensure they’re entertaining as well as highly informative. Our objectives are to raise insight and awareness, build self-efficacy and motivation and equip participants’ for success.

Whether a 90-minute lunch and learn, a half-day all-staff or a specialized full to multi-day training, contact us for a free consultation about our full range of topics, your objectives and options.

Climate Surveys & Team Assessments

Are you leading your team as well as you think you are? Are your team members as efficient and effective as they could be? Sometimes, you can tell something’s wrong with the team, but you can’t surface it. Or it’s emerged but can’t be resolved.

Safe, confidential and thorough external support helps. We provide a full range of services, from 360-degree feedback processes for leaders and boards to large-scale workplace surveying to impartial and supportive team assessments to identify and effectively problem-solve issues. We provide free, no-obligation consultations on all our services, so contact us today for a confidential discussion about options.



Facilitated teambuilding accomplishes a wide range of goals, including learning about each other, understanding different approaches and how to play to each other’s strengths. Through this, we can learn to support each other better, prevent conflicts and boosting productivity while having fun!

Whether your emphasis is on exercises like Myers-Briggs, facilitated discussions, annual debriefs, inter-departmental teambuilding, or even “X-treme Teambuilding” like cooking classes, zip-lining or escape rooms, we can help! Contact us to discuss goals and creative ideas.

CEO to Go

Urgently need a seasoned and highly skilled leader in a pinch? Perhaps you’ve parted ways with your existing leader suddenly without the time to conduct a thorough search. Or maybe you need an interim leader to bridge from a former one to an incoming one. Whether it’s maintaining a healthy and prosperous organization for now or cleaning up errors of the past, and paving a new course for a new leader, our roster of Presidents, CEOs, and senior leaders will improve your organization.

There’s no obligation beyond a week’s notice. No complicated contracts or benefits packages to negotiate. Our “CEO to Go” serves at the pleasure of your organization.

Our Executive Academy Roster only includes senior leadership roles who have had a minimum of 15 years of executive and C-suite leadership experience, advanced academic credentials, authenticated referrals and proven leadership success in their fields. Requirements include flawless success in a balanced budget, high employee engagement and morale, and strategic objectives achievement.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs and learn about our cost-effective, reliable and risk-free interim leadership resources.

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