Planning | Prevention

Contact us for all your organizational success strategies including services such as:

  • Management consulting, executive problem-solving
  • Dynamic, multi-media “edutainment” presentations and keynotes on many professional topics including communication, teamwork, leadership, workplace respect and managing stress and time
  • Effective, intensive training workshops on bullying, uncomfortable conversations, managing difficult people, and many more
  • Strategic planning and vision development that’s meaningful
  • Change management allowing people and processes to reinvent themselves into better ways of doing things
  • Project management that’s highly strategic, timely and organized
  • Team-building exercises and retreats that refresh workplaces

Intervention | Resolution

Even the best organizations run into trouble and workplace conflict. Our experts ensure issues are addressed using various techniques including:

  • Team assessments and surveys to surface feedback safely
  • Mediation to resolve conflicts and promote learning and growth
  • Facilitation of group discussions to problem-solve
  • Investigation of allegations of wrong-doing or breaching policies and law such as discrimination, harassment, bullying, professional misconduct and fraud, ensuring fairness and impartiality, and following all principles of due process and natural justice
  • Whistleblower protection provides confidential and safe intake and disposition of complaints and allegations of wrong-doing working with organizations to ensure resolution

Counselling | EAP | Transitions

Certified clinical counsellors and facilitators provide comfort and support to anxious, stressed, depressed and traumatized individuals and those dealing with conflict, change and difficult news. Services include:

  • Individual psychotherapy to identify root causes and learn new strategies to overcome difficulties
  • relationship and family counselling to address issues realted to parenting, marriage, divorce, children, LGBT and illness
  • a full suite of Employee Assistance Program services specifically designed for small to mid-sized organizations that typically can’t afford traditional “big house” EAPs
  • career coaching and assisting people finding their career passions and opportunities particularly for those dealing with downsizing in organizations
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