Conflict and complaints. They’re a part of life. They’re a part of work life. However, too often, professionals skilled in their trades lack the skills to effectively resolve inevitable conflicts. Our certified mediators, experienced conflict resolution arbitrators and fair investigators ensure conflicts get resolved. For good.



Bringing parties together with an expert trained in specialized techniques such as interest-based negotiation, settlement negotiation and coached conciliation can resolve over 80% of otherwise unresolved conflicts at work, home and in neighbourhoods.  Our specialists provide effective conflict resolution for:

  • Workplace disputes, team conflict, low morale, labour tensions and low productivity
  • Staff-management discord and disrespect at work
  • High conflict personalities, people who seem to attract conflict and complaints
  • Complaints of discrimination, harassment, bullying and professional misconduct
  • Estate settlement, family discord, divorce/separation agreements and teen conflict
  • Neighbour complaints, strata council dysfunction and landlord-tenant issues


Groups and teams more effectively talk through issues and develop solutions with guidance from experts trained in search conference facilitation and related techniques. Our skilled facilitators ensure:

  • the development of effective organizational policies and procedures
  • group analyses of the current environment and strategic planning moving forward
  • dynamic, engaging and productive team-building retreats, team days and meetings
  • the right people are brought to the table to resolve contentious issues
  • all relevant roles are heard in safety on sensitive and complex issues
  • senior leadership roles are aligned on successfully addressing complex challenges
  • entrenched multi-issue, multi-stakeholder conflicts are resolved, improving communication and productivity
Mediation - Arbitration

Mediation - Arbitration

An average of 20% of the time, mediation alone doesn’t resolve the issues.  And yet, conducting a full-scale investigation my not be the most cost-effective or satisfying process either.  Mediation-Arbitration can fill the gap and ensure conflict resolution.

Parties to a dispute agree in advance to work with a skilled mediator to resolve the issues between them. If they can’t negotiate their own conflict resolution with the mediator’s assistance, parties agree to allow the mediator to make the call.  The mediator invites full information from all related sources, fairly and neutrally considers the evidence and makes a carefully considered and reasonable decision for the parties. Binding or non-binding, the stickiest conflicts resolve, freeing up much-needed energy for moving forward.

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Investigations are impartial information gathering and analysis using standards of due process to establish the merits of individual complaints. Investigations determine whether conduct violates organizational, professional and legal standards. The evidence is documented and decisions are made based on principles of natural justice and citing relevant jurisprudence.

The Neutral Zone investigators provide fair processes to clarify differing perspectives, allow each relevant person an opportunity to present their view and respond to the views of others, determine the facts about what actually occurred, analyze the facts in the context of relevant policies and/or legislation, and make a finding of fact about allegations of discrimination, harassment or professional conduct issues.

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Whistleblower Protection

Everyone has a phone. Almost every phone is a camera. Any picture can become viral in minutes. Public trust, client satisfaction, employee confidence – these aren’t just concerns for the police and public health institutions anymore. Having a fair, safe, confidential and effective complaint resolution process in place is now critical to managing corporate risk, mitigating costly legal challenges and preventing public relations nightmares.

Our expert conflict resolution consultants help you provide channels for inevitable complaints about:

  • allegations of corporate wrong-doing including mismanagement of resources and fraud
  • complaints about human rights discrimination or workplace harassment and bullying
  • waste-busters giving anonymous tips to save resources and capture efficiencies
  • honest feedback on perceptions of service quality

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Education: Professional Training Workshops

Training isn’t doing. Too often people pay for training with the hope that they’ll leave with the skills they need to accomplish their goals but instead either get exposed to experts who can’t teach, or teachers who don’t have the depth of experience to pass on to others. Our trainers aren’t just skilled educators. They’re also highly trained experts in their fields with years of “in the trenches” experience who have the adult education training to ensure participants leave training with practical skills and tools.

All our training workshops are learner-centred, use a diverse range of teaching styles to match diverse learning styles, employ multi-media presentations and are entertaining as well as highly informative. We build-in the three objectives of raising insight and awareness, building self-efficacy and motivation and ensuring participants’ toolboxes are better equipped upon closure. Whether a 90-minute lunch and learn, a half-day all-staff or a specialized full to multi-day training, contact us for a free consultation about our full range of topics, your objectives and options.



Sure you can go for burgers and bowling, but beyond some great group selfies on Facebook, what’s the effect a week later? Facilitated team-building accomplishes a wide range of goals including learning about each other, understanding our own styles, how to play to each other’s strengths, how to better support each other, clarifying shared expectations for how we work together, preventing conflicts, boosting productivity, planning more effective and satisfying work and having fun too!

Whether your emphasis is on styles exercises like Myers-Briggs, facilitated discussion of issues and solutions, annual debriefing of surveys to track successes, inter-departmental corporate Team Days to break down silos, or even “X-treme Teambuilding” like cooking classes, ziplining or escape from theme-park strategy rooms, contact us to discuss goals and creative ideas to ensure they’re achieved.

CEO to Go

Urgently need a seasoned and highly skilled leader in a pinch? Perhaps you’ve parted ways with your existing leader suddenly without the time to conduct a thorough search. Or perhaps you need an interim leader to bridge from a former one to an incoming one. Whether it’s maintaining a healthy and successful organization for now, or whether it’s cleaning up errors of the past and paving a new course for a new leader, our roster of Presidents, CEOs and senior leaders will improve your organization.

There’s no obligation beyond a week’s notice. No benefits packages to negotiate.  No complex contracts incurring extra legal fees. Our “CEO to Go” serves at the pleasure of your organization.

Our Executive Academy Roster only includes senior leadership roles who have had a minimum of 15 years executive and C-suite leadership experience, advanced academic credentials, authenticated referrals and proven senior leadership success in their fields.  Requirements include flawless success in a balanced budget, high employee engagement and morale, and achievement of strategic objectives.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs and learn about our cost-effective, reliable and risk-free interim leadership resources.

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