Find Your Focus after Daylight Savings Time

Are you feeling a bit “off” since springing-forward last weekend? Well, it’s not all in your head. A study by the University of Washington recently found that most people tend to lose 40 minutes of sleep after Daylight Savings Time, leading people to be 20% less effective on the following Monday. So, how can you refocus your […]

5 Tips for Leaders’ Mental Health in 2020

October is Mental Health Month. Social media is full of advice on self-care and how the stress of COVID demands we pay more attention to taking care of ourselves and others.  Leaders, in particular, are challenged right now. Sandwiched between supporting extra-vulnerable and less-resilient staff, and organizational pressures to boost productivity from a remote workforce […]

4 Steps to Make Difficult Conversations Easier

Let’s face it: difficult conversations, when we have strong feelings about different points of view in interdependent relationships like those we have at work, are tough. But if issues are to be resolved effectively, we can’t avoid having tough talks. These conversations require an artful balance of clarity and tact, asserting and listening, and focusing […]

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